Welder and Electrical Technician

This role will support the Operations function in the spot welding of parts onto flexible laminations, assembly, testing, troubleshooting, rework, and repairs of electrical components using a variety of hand tools and equipment according to required specifications for defined manufacturing processes. Maintains records of materials used and work completed. Responsible for the training of operators.

Objective of role: Perform eletrical, visual and diemsional control required to ensure quality of the welding following written instructions using a variety of control equipment (digital camera, microscope, ohmmeter, voltmeter, caliper, etc…) Set up and operate equipment to manufacture the highest quality parts, while maintaining production standards and safety precautions, using assigned equipment.

Works closely with: Department Manager and Supervisors, Maintenance, Engineering, QA, Material Handlers, co-workers and peers.

Typical Duties:

-  Reads, interprets, and follows detailed work instructions, drawings, processes and established procedures to weld parts according to quality standards and customer specifications.

- Reads engineering drawing or job order for product specifications such as dimensions and tolerances, and tooling instructions such as sequence of operations.

- Performs weld operations using equipment and materials according to Production Package. - Sets and adjusts production equipment and materials to ensure defect free welds.

- Occasionally supports engineering in testing and troubleshooting new designs.

- Regularly inspect in-process and finished parts for defective welds according to work instructions and procedures. Ensure quality standards are met to achieve zero defects.

- Keeps the workplace safe by following safety rules, practicing safe work habits, maintaining   a clean and organized work area, utilizing appropriate safety equipment, and reporting unsafe conditions to the supervisor.

- Handles polyimides, sealants, fiberglass, metals and other composite materials.

- Clearly communicates status and expectations to internal customers.

- Inspects and measures products to verify conformance to specifications.

- Maintain records of work done and materials used.

- Prepares and cleans equipment for subsequent use.

- Responsible for the spot weld training of operators; Training and mentoring peers as needed.

- Prepares rejections tags,documents findings, begins root cause analysis process and reports all non-conformances to Production Supervisor.

- Continues spot weld training, as well as attends certification programs, to ensure job knowledge and skills set remain up-to-date and certification remains current (valid).

- Both individually and within a team setting, participates in continuous improvement (CI) efforts for efficiency, quality, and safety, to include offering suggestions, ideas, and support wherever possible.

- Works both independently and in teams for cross-training and project purposes. 

- During slow times, will assist in the Specialty Laminations department.


Reading comprehension: Interpreting written information such as technical reports, manuals, layups, work instructions, written directions/warnings

Writing: Involves preparing information or documents such as nonconformance reports, technical reports and shift hand-offs

Reasoning and Decision Making

Ability to understand and follow advanced instructions and guidelines

Organizational Ability

Basic Mathematics

Computer literate (Microsoft Office)

Comprehension: Understanding direction and adhering to established procedures.

Instructing: Teaching subject matter to others or training others through explanation, demonstration, or supervised practice.

Knowledge and use of standard soldering equipment.

Knowledge and use of basic measuring devices (Rulers, Tape Measures, Calipers, Micrometers, Etc)

Basic knowledge and use of hand-tools (scissors, wrench, screwdriver, knife)

Ability to communicate, interact and work effectively and cooperatively with people in a collaborative manner

Education Requirement:

High school diploma, GED or five (5) years of work experience.

A valid certificate in welding from an accredited institution is preferred.

Experience Requirement:

A minimum of two (2) years' experience as a welder.

Excellent knowledge of welding machinery, electrical equipment, and manual tools. 

Physical Requirement:

Excellent hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity skills required. Repetitive motion of wrists, hands and fingers. Must have vision (with or without assistance) capable of seeing small objects at a close distance. Must be able to accurately place small objects in the appropriate location. Must be able to stand for entire work-shift. Must be able to climb stairs, squat and kneel. Must be able to push, pull, carry and grasp. Must be able to lift up to 25 lbs.

Working Conditions:

Cleanroom environment requires wearing smocks, hairnets, shoe-covers, and gloves, may reach temperatures as low as 66F. Steel-toed shoes required and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), as needed.  Autoclave room may heat up to as high as 90F.

Travel domestically: Valid driver’s license, proof of insurance and good driving record required.